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Here is a new section on how we selected our rover sites in the recent VHF/UHF Contest. N9UUR


Upcoming Contests   Upcoming Fests / Gatherings

January ARRL VHF Sweepstakes
This will run from 1pm Saturday Jan. 19th thru 10pm Sunday Jan. 20th, local time. (Or from 1900Z on Jan. 19th thru 0400Z on Jan. 21st.)

General Rules for ARRL Contests above 50Mhz


SEPTEMBER 29-30, Belvidere Illinois http://www.chicagofmclub.org

November 3 - MIlwaukee Repeater Club Swapfest

May 16, 17 &18 2008 - Hamvention, Dayton Ohio

Do you have information for the Badger Contester's calendar?
Send it to the Webmaster, and we will post it here.

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