Badger Contesters

About Us

The Badger Contesters is an Amateur Radio club of like-minded hams who have interest in VHF/UHF/SHF weak-signal communications.
Our goals are simple:

While our geographic focus is Wisconsin, our membership includes hams from Northern Illinois, Michigan's Upper Penninsula, and Eastern Minnesota. All are welcome to join us. For ARRL contest purposes, members may contribute their scores to our club score if the points were worked within 175 miles of our "club center", which is "officially" Oshkosh, WI (or EN54pc). (N44°, W88° 35' This is about one mile NW of Whitman Field, right along Hwy 41.) For CQWW VHF Contest, the 175-mile rule does not apply and all Badger Contesters can list the club in their Cabrillo log.

Club Officers:
President: Ken Boston, W9GA
Vice President: Gregg Seidel, K9KL
Secretary & Treasurer: Bruce Richardson, W9FZ
Director SE Wisconsin: Gary Bargholz, N9UUR
Director NE Wisconsin: Kevin Stanelle, KB9SNE
Director N Illinois: Jeff Berman, K9YR

Badger Contesters Constitution and Bylaws.pdf


Everyone is welcome to join! There are no membership dues. The following is a roster of our members. If you are interested in joining our ranks, please fill out the Membership Form and email to Bruce, W9FZ, w9fz [at] w9fz [dot] com.

Badger Contesters Membership Form.pdf

Below is a PDF document of the current membership roster. Since there are no dues, if you've ever been a member, you are still a member. You just have to want to be a Badger Contester and let us know your info via the form above (or an email equivalent). If you spot mistakes in the roster, please let me know so I can make corrections. If you want to be removed from this roster--let me know that as well. The grids listed are the ones we submit to the ARRL to determine "eligibility" to be included in our Badger Contesters "club" score for ARRL contests.

Badger Contesters Membership Roster.pdf

Email Reflector

The Badger Contesters has an e-mail reflector for the membership. This is where we discuss topics of interest, alert each other about upcoming contests and events, and make some noise when 6 meters is open. You can subscribe yourself at: Subscribe here! The admin will approve your subscription usually within a day. There is digest mode available, but you'd lose timeliness of propagation announcements. If you have any difficulties subscribing, the administrator, Bruce Richardson, W9FZ, stands ready to assist any member with e-mail reflector concerns or issues. He can add, remove, or change your e-mail address.

If you are a subscriber, the archives are available from the general information page above once you are signed in.

Facebook Group

The Badger Contesters have a private Facebook Group. The Email reflector above is the best way to share with all Badger Contesters. However, if you are on Facebook, you may enjoy seeing postings and pictures from Badger Contesters. Visit: Badger Contesters on Facebook. You'll need to provide your ham radio callsign and grid square to join the private group. The admins will approve your subscription usually within a day.

2022 VHF+ Calendar

Below is a PDF document of key 2022 VHF+ meetings, events, and contests:

2022 VHF Calendar.pdf

This document has hotlinks to applicable websites for each event.

Club Call KB9C

Our club callsign is KB9C--"Kilo Badger Nine Contesters". Bruce, W9FZ, is trustee of the call. Any member can use the callsign--you just have to coordinate with the trustee. It's available and needs to be used! It is LOTW capable if you work with the trustee with your Cabrillo log or .adi file.

VHF+ Resources

Logo files! Perfect for your website, QRZ listing, or QSL cards! Click on the link and then right-mouse-click on the image to save it to your computer. The .pngs and .tifs may have a transparent background. If you need another scale or a modification, get with W9FZ who has the Inkscape files. Many thanks to Janice KA9VVQ for logo design and creation.

With KB9C in logo:

Without KB9C in logo:

Last Updated February 22, 2022